Friday, May 12, 2006


A Web Of Deceit

How quickly the Mayor forgets when it comes to wrong doing. Tuesday night she lectured the public that it takes six votes to pass a contract and if Councilman Mark Brown had a problem with the way contracts are awarded it is the Council's fault. Oh what an evil web we weave, but we should be used to her weaving a web of deceit. The Mayor forgot that she had just told the Council that the City administrator could award contracts under twenty thousand dollars without Council approval. She also forgot the way she awarded a contract to Sarah Collins - Glennon Jamboretz, but the real biggy was Express Scripts. We
will all be reminded of that in short order because the city is in receipt of a demand for $200,000 from Express Scripts. Remember this was supposed to be a non monetary contract. The Mayor signed it without Council approval and didn’t tell anyone. In fact there was not even a copy of the contract in City Hall.

Was it that she didn't remember? Was she confused? Or does she think that we all believe whatever she says? The First Capitol News has her depositions from the Thomas Mayer lawsuit that shows she has a problem with the truth.

There was discussion regarding corruption. I guess the un-fab five forgot that they have a chance to learn if corruption really exists if they would allow retired City employee Joe Buehrle to speak about what he knows. But that wouldn't fit into their plan to discredit Councilman Mark Brown. You see Brown had the guts to tell it like it is. The un-fab five have taken the position that Brown is making unfounded accusations. The FCN has learned that there are some who have taken the evidence of wrongdoing serious and are doing their job.

WELLER Leave The Police Chief Alone. He’s a professional

For some unknown reason at the Council worksession on Tuesday evening Councilman Weller was determined to try to chastise Police Chief Tim Swope for conducting an official investigation into petition signature gathering fraud. Wake up Mike there was fraud and the Prosecutor has issued charges and hopefully more to come. And no matter what you think Allan Williams was right in not getting involved in the investigation. It was not his place and he acted with integrity in staying out of it and letting the law enforcement officials handle it.

Is Muench Gone Next Election?

Word on the street is that Councilman Larry Muench is going to have much needed competition for the Ward Two seat in the April elections. Word is the voters are tired of his inability to handle discord and heated discussions. Tuesday evening he ran out of the Council chambers. They say if it was not for his good hearted father-in-law, the gracious John Dengler, Muench would not have lasted this long.