Friday, May 12, 2006

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters to the editor

First Capitol News,

In the First Capitol News May 6 – 12, 2006 issue in the Conservative Factor the statement was made that “Doc Riddler ultimately runs a better campaign than his enemies, and he was able to soundly defeat the rather uninspired efforts of Cowboy Carl and Cowboy Ray to recall Darling Dottie”. This statement would lead people to believe that Riddler ran my campaign in the Recall election of me on April 4, 2006 which is not a true statement. My husband and I ran my campaign.

Dorothy “Dottie” Greer
Councilwoman, Ward 7

To the Editor:

St. Charles Yellow Cab is applying for a conditional use permit to move the cab operation to the Moore Oil site in Frenchtown (with the intention of keeping it there temporarily); this represents a step forward, not a step backward in the Frenchtown redevelopment process.

Mr. Griffey has been the owner of St. Charles Yellow Cab for some 2 years now. Mr. Griffey has also agreed to purchase the Moore Oil site for future redevelopment. Moving the cab company to Second Street is further proof of Mr. Griffey’s commitment to this redevelopment as it will serve as an important “place holder” for the project. When redevelopment begins on that block, the cab company will be moved to a permanent home of its own.

Kim Paris
Project Manager
Griffey Construction

When is enough, enough?

This Country is fast going down the drain, with the cost of energy, health care, gasoline etc. going up at the rate of 10-20 percent and salaries only three percent or less if you are on minimum wage which hasn’t rose in 10 years.

The very rich and special interest groups want this country back in the dark ages where you worked for the company, lived in the company houses and got your supplies at the company store and never got out of debt.

Now we see this as evident in our City as we watch the antics going on with our gang of Five Council members and their attorney which is supposed to be our City Attorney. These are the same special interest members who helped with the recall efforts to gain control but even with the special interest money and fraud, could not win. Now with their hook and crook effort after one Council member said he would not be at the May meeting that they called a special meeting and with five votes elected a new Council president. “Our” city attorney always said six votes was needed but for this meeting he changed his opinion to five. This just shows he is not an attorney for the city but is one for special interests.

At the last meeting a developer came in with an attorney and stated if he didn’t get what he wanted that he would sue. Now we read the Mayor said if the Council didn’t vote for the developer the City would be open to a lawsuit; one can only wonder if she is going to write a letter for this person to help in his lawsuit against the City.

I for one can only hope that the voters in these five wards can see if the actions of their representatives are for their interest or for special interests. At the next elections we should oust these “carpet baggers” and the Mayor out of office and elect people who are for the residents and not for special interests. Just my opinion which I think is as good as theirs.

Walter Dietz

Dear Editor FCN
I’ve been out of commission for about 3-4 months and have been wanting to write a letter to the editor for quite some time. “Bear with me now!” It’s going to be about “Nobody Patti”, Nobody Ken and Nobody Tom. The Mayor and two of her cronies. Just to inform you the taxpayers about Nobody Patti and how she operates if you tick her off and present the public with facts.

After Nobody Patti had someone send a letter to some friends (taxpayers) of this town about myself stating about how violent a man I was and for them to check out a web site concerning me - I went to the next meeting and confronted her. After I continued to write letters to the editor about her actions as Mayor another letter went out to Rory Riddler - Memo to Rory Riddler Re: Questionable Choices From John Semplekamp (my insert) “Alias” Nobody Ken probably - that’s my intuitiveness kicking in - with CC to Brown, Brockmeyer, Gieseke, Koester, Greer, Hoepfner, Kneemiller, Weller, Munch, Reese, York and Sonderegger. This memo besides attacking myself, Rory and Tony, the Nobody Ken attacked three other members of Patti’s recall committee.

As all this is taking place Nobody Tom has been very active on his web site going after anyone who may look at Nobody Patti the wrong way, much less expose her and her deceitful tactics in the FCN.

In the October 22 issue of the FCN I wrote a letter stating some facts as I recalled from many years ago at St. Charles Borromeo and how I believed these facts were covered up by some members of the parish. I also mentioned Patti was a Eucharistic minister. To the best of my memory I believe Patti used this in her campaign for Council or her first run for Mayor. I did not in any way question anyone’s moral character in that letter. What I did was give the facts about what took place then and was going to write another letter later about Patti, Henry and Pastor Tillman and the churches’s letterhead being used to promote “Nobody Patti” for Mayor. Also Pastor Tillman’s involvement in Patti’s legal defense fund. (Lest we forget separation of church and state much less the nonprofit organization aspect)

What the heck? The Chamber of Commerce can get by with it. Remember the Charter Amendment and how Officer Meyer used this in the full page ads to vote against Charter amendment #1. When its political, the laws of the land don’t mean a thing in this town. If its political and the laws don’t favor the right people, we all know who they are, they will bend them to the braking point and if this isn’t good enough we’ll just quit talking about it. It seems to work for the nobodies who think they are somebody.

After My October 22 letter in the FCN Nobody Ken’s name being used in the letter, it seemed to tick Nobody Ken off to the extent that a threatening phone call was made to me from Nobody Ken’s phone. Someone in a very vulgar way told me he did not appreciate his name being used in the letter and that whoever was making the call would beat my f_____g head in when he sees me out in public.

After Nobody Ken found out he was found out by myself and (SBC trace call) and that this info was forwarded to the Police, Nobody Ken had to defend his nobody name as well as Pastor Tillman and Nobody Henry and Nobody Patti as he accused me as questioning the moral character of those three nobodies. Nobody Ken was the one who used the words “moral character” in his sleazy letter. His sleazy letter was sent to my neighbors. This is the way these nobodies operate. Nobody Ken got caught at some of his underhanded tactics and he’s got to stand up for the nobodies to take the focus off of himself. I know it was Nobody Ken and Nobody Ken knows it was him and God knows it was him.

Not to forget Nobody Tom and his web site and how this letter that probably Nobody Ken wrote was posted on Nobody Tom’s web site. Not to forget Nobody Ed and his ad supplement. He printed a scaled down version of said letter as an “Open Letter to the Members and Friends of St. Charles Borromeo Parish.” As usual with letters in the ad supplement “nobody” wrote the letter, Nobody signed it. The letter just appeared to get the public eye off of Nobody Ken and for him to vent his hatred toward Rory Riddler and used myself as his ways and means of getting his nobody name back on track with the nobodies who call themselves the do the right thing nobodies.

On Halloween night right after nobody Ken found out I knew where the threatening phone call was made from, on Nobody Tom’s web-site there were some of the filthiest, sleazy, scum printed about myself and my wife and their concern for parents of the children that may come to our house for treats. Our address was listed and a caution given to stay way that there could be some harm come to them if they rang our doorbell.

I write this letter today to inform the taxpaying public of this town what can happen if you tick Nobody Patti off. Does it ever make you wonder what kind of people are running our City? It does me when Nobody Patti and the likes of Nobody Henry,Nobody Kevin have to have other Nobodies like Nobody Ken and Nobody Tom do their dirty work for them and go after a guy like myself just because of stating facts and the truth s I best know it for the good of all the taxpayers of this town.

Bob Bredensteiner
PS I’ve cautioned Nobody Patti before - just remember, Martha Stewart did not go to jail for Insider Trading, she went to jail for lying to a Grand Jury.