Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dock May Be Opened For Overlook & Fishing

A suggestion brought forward by Councilman Bob Kneemiller may soon become a reality. At a previous city council meeting the Mayor was trying to get the city council to allocate $120,000 to build an overlook on the riverfront towards the north end of Main Street across from the city restrooms which are next to a building she owns with her husband. The overlook was quashed by the city council despite objections from the Mayor and Councilman Veit.

Then Councilman Bob Kneemiller suggested that the dock in Frontier Park that cost the taxpayers $1.5 million be opened to the public and be used for a overlook and for fishing. After the story appeared in the First Capitol News the Mayor and a group of councilmen visited the dock. From discussion at the city council meeting last night it seems like the idea is going to move forward.