Friday, January 18, 2008

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I believe our city government has come straight out of a cartoon, 101 Dalmatians.

I was picketing in opposition to Ward 1 Councilman Richard Veit on January 12. I was upset about the curbs and sidewalks in our city. Drive through the north end and you will see that handicapped residents have to walk in the streets, ride their wheelchairs in the streets and one of them was hit by cars and later died from the injuries. The city has worked on my sidewalk four times. It is still not fixed where a wheel chair or a person with a cane can walk without difficulty. The city told me they ran out of money,

After many calls to the Mayor’s office I was told I might as well stop trying because it is not going to happen. I was lied to by Councilman Veit.

On Saturday I was picketing in front of Veit’s office on Main Street when a man claiming to be his campaign manager started yelling at me, cursing and flipping me off out of a second story window. He is Brian Audrey. I told him to go back inside the window and put his donkey ears on because all of the jackasses I know have bigger ears or come down and talk to me in person. He told a girl that was with me (she is autistic) to “go back to the retarded home and prostitute herself for votes for Riddler.” Then some men came out of the bar. Audrey said he went to college, knows city government, and wrote for government. He told me we had better leave or he would kick my ….

Then he said he would kick my 13-year-old dog to death. This is the dog that I take to nursing homes, handicapped homes, group homes, etc., all for free. I told them Councilman Veit needs to stop acting like he is untouchable. The way he parades around and acts like a little girl in a sundress when he does something.

I was just exercising my right of free speech when Veit’s campaign manager cussed me out and threatened my dog and me.

If you don’t have time to picket, call me and I will picket for you.

Jim Dake

Dear Editor

We have always subscribed to your newspaper.  Moved to Scottsdale, AZ. in September.  Our daughter called to alert me to the Arizona Republic 1/08/08 newspaper in which I found an article that blew me away.  I’m referring to the bill proposed by Richard Veit. I  have to thank Mr. Viet for the best laugh I have had in years (I’m 72).
As the bill sets the parameter for where swearing is banned I can only assume that outside this boundary cursing would be allowed (would it be required?).  What fun to walk down the aisles of my local grocery and curse to my heart’s content as I catch someone in the 12 items only aisle with 13 items, etc.  - opportunities are endless.
I wasn’t going to  continue our  subscription when we moved but I wouldn’t miss this city council for the world.  I will be more than happy to pay for the subscription plus any postage charges that may occur.   Please keep up the good work that I know you are still doing. 
For table top dancing - try the gavotte - much more dignified - probably won’t offend even Mr. Viet.   I’ve never heard of profane music (can this be defined?).

To the Editor,

If the public is entitled to smoke-free buildings, and we are, why can’t we have poison-free neighborhoods?

We can’t as long as St. Charles mosquito trucks spew Anvil 2 x2, an EPA-controlled pesticide that, according to the label, is NEVER supposed to be sprayed on people. It’ s not supposed to be inhaled. Just the same, I’ve been hit  by spray several times over the past two summers and I’ve seen kids sprayed while they played outside. 
Talk about a menace to public health - Anvil and many other pesticides contain synthetic pyrethrins and piperonyl but oxide, plus unknown, untested chemical boosters. These pesticides absolutely cause cancer and also affect the brain, kidneys, liver and genitals, and fetal development, for starters. Links to Parkinson’s and diabetes have also turned up. How do they affect the genitals? Local doctors are seeing more and more boys whose testicles fail to descend. (DDT has a similar effect.) (

If I were City staff, I’d do anything to get out of driving the trucks just to save my own health.

The crews don’t warn the neighborhood before they come. That’s just wrong. It’s not possible to outrun those trucks, and why should we have to? If it’s a pretty night, why can’t you walk the dog, enjoy your own yard, open the windows, barbecue, relax on your porch?

Besides sickening people, Anvil is deadly to all insects, spiders, toads, frogs, fish and other creatures. Have you noticed how few fireflies are in our backyards? Remember when there were so many fireflies that scientists paid kids to collect them by the jar? And forget about gardening for butterflies - it’s better if you don’t, because butterflies and bees attracted to your garden will die if they feed on pollen and nectar that’s been sprayed. Organic gardening? Not possible.

I don’t mean to embarrass the city, but Community Development director Bruce Evans is responsible for this dangerous mosquito abatement program, and he’s been asked several times to at least discuss a safer plan such as other communities have. One that works. Because, despite over-spraying, our neighborhood still has mosquitoes.

Asking nicely and often didn’t work, so I’m speaking up.

Peggy Whetzel

E-mail to Richard Veit and membes of the city council with copy to First Capitol News

Hey Richard Viet,

What a stupid proposal you put out front on the swearing in bars. Don’t you think the cops have better things to do then set around and eavesdrop on peoples conversations? Bars are bars, and that’s the way it is. Why don’t you try to use your influence on more important issues? I haven’t liked you every since you lied to me and said you weren’t backing the Mayor in this last election. When I found out different, I yanked up your sign and put Rory’s back up. Do us all a favor, and resign. What an idiot.

Larry Mumford