Friday, December 14, 2007

RAMBLING WITH The Editor Tony Brockmeyer

Council & Mayor Given A Happy New Year By Ameristar Casino

The First Capitol News would like to wish all our readers and advertisers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We know the members of the City Council are going to enjoy a Happy New Year. The Mayor and HER Council have been invited to be the guests of Ameristar Casino over the New Years Holiday. That includes a night of fun for them and a guest as well as accommodations in the new hotel.

City Council Members Participate In Illegal Gambling
We have learned that several members of the city council participated in the illegal poker game that was held recently at Bogey Hills Country Club to reduce the campaign debt for councilman and former judge candidate Richard Veit. Their names were not on the finance campaign disclosure forms filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission because their $300 entry fees were paid for and listed under the names of other individuals.Where is a prosecutor when you need one? Those participating in this illegal gambling should resign their council seats.

Council Holds Closed Meeting Over Law Suits

The city council held a closed door meeting last Monday afternoon at city hall to discuss settling the Sellenschuetter law suit and a new law suit that has been brought against the city by police sergeant Ronald Lloyd. Lloyd filed suit claiming that he was being punished by the Mayor for helping former councilman John Gieseke in his run for Mayor in April. Lloyd and Gieseke have been close friends since childhood. Lloyd was transferred to a shift that does not allow him to continue as a part-time high school football coach. His take home police vehicle was also taken from him. Lloyd says he was told by Police Chief Dennis Corley that he (Corley) was ordered by the Mayor to take the action against Lloyd. The council is discussing a $1 million offer to Sellenschuetter, even though their attorney has advised against the settlement. During the discussion, Council President kneemiller would not recognize councilwoman Laurie Feldman and allow her to speak. Feldman broke down in tears. Six votes could not be found to settle with Sellenschuetter. The Council members who received campaign contributions and other offers from Sellenschuetter still have not excused themselves from voting on the lawsuit; A clear conflict of interest. No offers were made to settle Lloyd’s law suit.

New Police Chief and City Administrator

Acting Police Chief Dennis Corley was sworn in as the Police Chief. Michael Spurgeon, the City Manager of Miami Oklahoma, was hired as the new City Administrator. He will start on January 1, 2008 with a salary of $124,000, full benefits, car allowance and six months furnished apartment rent at $1,000 a month. York wanted to hire Spurgeon several years ago but could not get the votes. He claimed he was withdrawing his name because the council had contracted with the First Capitol News to investigate his background. He really withdrew because he could not get the votes. More on Spurgeon to follow.