Saturday, June 09, 2007

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I hope that all the people who voted in “The Best City Government That Money Can Buy” are now happy. But just remember that if you don’t bow down to the queen that you will be in trouble; just look at our police chief to see that.

I thought after the November election that people had enough of the czar system and a rubber stamp congress but I guess not. It seems that $50/$60,000 dollars worth of negative mailings will buy an election.

So now we will have a city that will be run by special interests and big developers along with cronies. I expect that all city committees will be run by out-of-towners (people who don’t live in the city). I only hope people will watch what is happening here, as not they want to stop the freedom of the city residents to read about what is going on in this city. Some groups of people only want to do things in the dark of night and only in closed rooms.

Wake Up People.

Walter Dietz

First Capitol News,

Enclosed is check for $35.

Hope you can continue to keep the people informed on our local politics and hope people will see.

Do you think the post office will smear all of your mailings like the attached front page of your last edition I received?

Thank you for letting us know of some of the things that are going on in our area.

Yours truly,
Laverne Mund

Dear Tony,

We want to offer our most grateful thanks to the First Capitol News for your generous donation of two ads for our 2000 Trivia Night. While this event does help raise funds to support our mission to serve people with disabilities, it does much more than that… when our friends and the public see individuals such as you and your business supporting Willows Way, they recognize the value and importance of our mission in this community, as well as your generous support of this valuable mission. I believe this provides all attending the event a sense of pride in their community, our partnership in this event, and in the good work we do in our community.

As a result of your support of our event, we had a very successful Trivia Night, raising funds to be used to provide additional support services to members of our Willows Way community. We could not do this without your generosity, and we want to express our sincere appreciation.

Thank you for your kind and continued generous support of Willows Way! We hope 007 will be a prosperous year for you and your business!

Linn Porzuczek
Community Relations
Willow Way

PS Thanks to your ads we sold out the event and you helped make it a greater success. Thanks so much.


During the May meeting of the Saint Charles School Board the 2007-2008 financial projections were reported with mixed results. On one hand, thanks to the new tax revenues, the district will be receiving an additional 2.4 million dollars/year. The bad news is that spending is going up almost the same amount, spending it all on the teachers they claim. That’s interesting because when the voters approved the 2.4 million Tax levy transfer in 2006 the board claimed that was all going to the teachers too.

Wait a second; what happened to all that money the board supposedly saved the district by refinancing, reorganizing, and kicking the teacher’s kids out? What did they do with all those millions? Are they going to try to convince us they spent all of that money on the teachers again?

When will the Saint Charles School Board quit pointing the finger of blame at the teachers and acknowledge they are the ones ultimately responsible? When will they finally admit their accountability? Perhaps once they complete training on their fancy new BoardDoc computers the Saint Charles School Board will finally figure out where the taxpayer’s money is really being wasted.

Jim DuMontelle


Even tho we don’t vote liberal anything, we do feel we need an opposing view to the Yorkies.

Your agenda should be local politics (not national) and a middle of the road position vs playing politics will serve you best. We resent the outside influences and persons stealing tax dollars and our town. Keep finding answers and printing them.

A. Womack

Dear Editor,

In your May 19, newspaper, our former Ward 9 Councilman Joe Koester wrote an article concerning monies set aside for project’s to benefit his ward. It stated Mr. Koester planned to build a retaining wall at James Dr. and Droste Rd.

Mr. Koester and I had discussed this dangerous entrance and exit to Droste Rd. off James De. He said he would see if he could no anything with this situation.

Now it is my understanding the City of St. Charles may take back the money for some of the wards.

I have lived on James Dr. for 38 years, and I’d be safe to say for at least 30 years I have called the city or the street department every spring and summer. We’ve had an on-going problem here for many years.

Last year, at the suggestion of a city employee, I called code enforcement. I explained that we have a severe problem of getting out on Droste Rd. without driving into the street to check on-coming traffic. We have vines, weeds, and other trash that obscures our view. This created a dangerous situation.

His answer to me was, “Well I have lived around that area for 30 years and it’s always been that way.” Duh! I just told him I had been calling about this for t least 30 years. I tried to explain that 30 years ago you could have shot a cannon down Droste Rd., and likely wouldn’t have hit a thing. However, today you must play dodge and dart just to get your vehicle onto Droste Rd.

He stated that it would cost a half million dollars to fix the problem, so it wouldn’t be done. He said they would make sure the area is kept free of weeds, vines, and trash. I thought well, now they will at least keep it cut and cleaned up. Right now this area needs to be cleaned, but if I have to call him every time, then it won’t change a thing, as that is what I’ve been doing for years. We need a permanent solution.

Please St. Charles city, do something about our problem. We are not asking for a solid gold wall, just a small retainer wall to help us get onto Droste Rd. safely.

Peggy Hooker
A Ward 9 resident

PS I enjoy your newspaper, have enclosed my years subscription.

Dear Editor,

Another aspect of the direct manipulation of the police department you may want to check into, is that certain areas that heavily supported her opponent (namely New Town) in the recent election no longer seem to get much in the way of police patrolling through. Police are too busy to head out to those areas unless somebody is physically hurt. In fact, I believe New Town is hiring a security guard to patrol their area. And something else I heard third hand, so I don’t know if it is true or not, is that New Town Blvd was supposed to be widened or fixed in 2008/2009 and it is now rolled back to 2010 at the earliest.