Saturday, May 05, 2007

Director Of Public Works Resigns

Director Of Public Works Resigns

Maesh Sharma, the St. Charles Director of Public Works will be leaving that position on June 15. Sharma is the third director level employee to leave since the Mayor was reelected. Celeste Armstrong, the Director of Human resources, resigned and Brent Schultz, the assistant city administrator and 27 year city employee, was fired by the Mayor.

A bill to allow the Mayor to have a public relations aide and another aide to act as a liaison between her and the city council will be voted on at the City Council meeting on Tuesday. The bill would also allow the Mayor to appoint interim department directors and select a salary for them from between $40,000 to $120,000 all without approval from the council. Sources at city hall told the First Capitol News that the bill, if approved, would give the Mayor the authority to appoint interim directors for any department for a indefinite time at any salary she decides up to $120,000 and the council would have no say.

Director positions had been held open for some time during her last term because the council would not accept some of her appointments.

She has appointed former Councilman Richard Baum to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Baum lost in his last bid for re-election and was also defeated when he ran for a county council seat.

Lynn Porterfield, former city attorney and city administrator has been appointed to the park board. An attempt by the mayor to appoint Porterfield to the park board during her previous term was unsuccessful when that city council refused to approve his appointment.
This story was reported on our web log on Saturday, April 28th.