Saturday, March 10, 2007



Ronald Reagan used to say “Well, there you go again,” when his political foes began to say anything against him to get elected. It appears that Mayor York didn’t learn from this. She will say anything to get elected, She’ll tell you what she thinks you want to hear. If you really look at her last eight years you see a tenure that is without merit to re-elect. The Mayor was quoted as saying that she’s been tested. Well Mayor you have and your grade is a F. An F stands for failure Mayor. The Mayor failed to gain consensus through three city councils. The mayor failed to understand the law and signed a contract that has caused Express Scripts to file suit against the city for $200,000. The Mayor is more interested in helping her special friends than caring about the residents. The Mayor has failed to improve our quality of life in the city.

So when you hear the rumors, the negativism, the stories, the lies, remember the Mayor is running scared and will say anything to get elected


I believe the Art Foundry was a great idea and is an asset for the residents of St. Charles. However, I do not understand why the Foundry group uses a catering company from St. Louis County at their functions.

They held a very formal ball on New Years Eve. The function received rave reviews from those in attendance. But they used a St. Louis County catering company. We have a number of great catering companies in St. Charles and St. Charles County. Why do they not use one of them instead of giving the business to companies who are not contributing to our St. Charles tax base?

St. Charles taxpayers contributed approximately $1.9 million in tax dollars of the approximately $2.2 million total spent on the Foundry Arts Center. It is time the Art Foundry Board stopped spending money in St. Louis County and begin spending it in St. Charles.


Filings on record at the St. Charles County Board of Election reveal Venetia McEntire, a candidate for City Council in Ward 2 has Tom Hayden as her Election Committee treasurer.

Hayden, of the 2000 block of Autumn Wood Drive is a confidant of the Mayor and was the campaign manager for Councilman Mike Weller. He was also involved in the failed recall campaigns against Councilman Mark Brown and Councilwoman Dottie Greer. You remember those recall attempts. They were filed with forgeries, fraud and misinformation. Arrests were made and charges were filed.

With Hayden as her treasurer, I would expect McEntire’s campaign to be negative. To incumbent Councilman Larry Muench, I recommend that you come out fighting.


The United States House of Representatives approved legislation to spend $1.7 billion over five years on federal grants to states and cities to modernize wastewater systems and to control overflows of sewage. The matter is now being taken up by the Senate. Representative Todd Akin, (R) opposed the bill.

It is probably too late for St. Charles. I believe that contracts for millions and millions of dollars have been let to repair our sewage systems. The White House is opposing the bill.


Davis Street Land Company has filed suit against the City of O’Fallon because the City has refused to provide a new shopping center Davis is building in Lake St. Louis with sewer srvice. The developer wants the court to order O’Fallon and a Public Water Supply District 2 to provide sewer service for the development.

According to City Manager Robert G. Lowery, Jr. the city also refused requests for a shopping center and condominium complex at Mexico Road and Highway K because the City believes their plant is operating at capacity.

If Davis Land Company contacts Representative Tom Dempsey maybe they can convince him to pass legislation in the Missouri House to require O’Fallon to allow them to hook up. That is what he did for his friend, T.R. Hughes in St. Charles. He had the legislation passed in one day. The Supreme Court has ruled such legislation is illegal. Every time the City Council passes legislation to have Dempsey’s bill declared unconstitutional the Mayor vetoes the legislation. It pays handsomely to have friends in high places.

Don’t forget to vote for JOHN GIESEKE for Mayor on April 3.