Saturday, February 03, 2007

An Editorial Endorsement - Gieseke Is Only Real Choice For Positive Change

An Editorial Opinion

Tuesday Crucial To Future
Of Our City Government

Tuesday is the primary election for Mayor of St. Charles. While the concept of a non-partisan primary may be silly, especially when it is the only thing on the ballot, the impact of this election will be far reaching. Voters will narrow the field of candidates for Mayor from three to two. Whether or not voters have a real choice in April will depend on those willing to go to the polls in February.

As near as we can tell, the entire Grace Nichols campaign will collapse the minute someone asks her “how” she intends to accomplish any of the things she is promising. Affordable housing sounds good till you find out it’s low income housing going into your neighborhood. Keeping schools open sounds good, when you don’t have the authority to do anything about it. Making decisions in the backroom to avoid debating issues in public sounds good, till you realize that means violating the sunshine law and keeping “you” in the dark.

The one breath of fresh air voters have is in the candidacy of John Gieseke. A race between incumbent Mayor Patti York and John Gieseke would be a true contrast, a real choice for voters. A race between Grace Nichols and Patti York would be like watching two shades of tan paint dry.

As few as 20% of the voters may go the polls Tuesday. That would be a travesty. How anyone can watch what’s going on overseas and not understand how precious our freedoms are is beyond me. Let’s not take that freedom for granted this Tuesday.

On Tuesday, give yourself, and all voters, the gift of a spirited race and diverse candidates for the April election. Give John Gieseke, the only candidate who hasn’t had the opportunity to serve as Mayor already, his chance to serve our community.