Saturday, January 06, 2007

The View From The Cheap Seats BY Jerry Haferkamp

Although I will defend a council member who is attacked by the mayor’s Pit Yorkies, I don’t usually endorse a particular candidate for office. In the upcoming mayoral election, Grace Nichols and John Gieseke are both excellent candidates for the office. We know what the other candidate brings to the office, and it’s not very pretty.

However, I will mention the good feeling I got when I read that Erv Ermeling filed for the council seat in Ward 10. He is a hardworking volunteer that has given a lot to St. Charles and has shown that he loves our city and its residents. Much of the enjoyment you will find on Main Street this year, as well as in past years, is his handy-work. Take a look at the train station in the park when you get a chance.

Erv is also the local businessman that asked me to mention in a previous column that we don’t need that traffic circus known as a “round-about” built at Third and Tecumseh while we still have children walking in the streets to get to school due to lack of sidewalks. He would like to put that money to use for the greater good, safeguarding our city’s children.

The only hesitation I had in mentioning him in this column is that it puts him on a “hit list” that may bring glossy, untrue mailers from hired guns from outside our city attacking him. The local recall squad will probably read this and start falsifying petitions to get a jump-start on their agenda. Erv, I apologize. I only wanted to let people know your dedication and value to us. Thanks for your past work and good luck in the election.

It’s hard to believe that with all Larry Muench has done to gain the mayor’s favor that it was all for naught. All the council knows of the ties between the mayor and Venetia McIntire who is running against Muench. The message to the rest of the council is that when Patti cries “jump”, don’t stop to ask how high. Just jump as fast and as high as you can. If she would do this to Larry, you could be next.

For those who don’t remember McIntire, she is the South Main businesswoman that repeatedly badgered the council for more welfare for South Main. It wasn’t enough that the former head of the C.V.B. funneled a plurality of the guests of the C.V.B. to her Bed and Breakfast. She wanted more of your tax dollars.

Unless McIntire recently moved, her filing should be in Ward 8. However, go ahead and let her run in Ward 2. I wouldn’t like to see the residents of my ward suffering the type of actions allegedly taken against anyone who opposed her on South Main. Actions, I am told, that caused several prominent businessmen to spin her name to “Vendetta”. Ward 2, you are on your own. Good luck!

I have heard that someone named Kielty may run for a council seat. Unlike Vendetta, I am unsure if he has chosen a ward in which to run. He may have waited to see which seat she wanted before declaring which one he wants. Chivalry may still be alive!

I hope he’s not the individual by that name that allegedly had the phone that mysteriously, all by itself apparently, made a call threatening bodily injury to one of our citizens.

Oops! Gotta go. My phone is ringing.

But that’s just the view from the cheap seats.