Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sherborn Lane Road Closed To Thru Traffic

Sherborn Lane Road Closed To Thru Traffic

Sherborn Lane was closed to thru traffic approximately 120 feet west of Landau Court/Westerland Court on Thursday, January 18, 2007.

Sherborn Lane was selected several years ago to have a speed hump installed on it. City staff was unable to find a location where the residents were agreeable to have it placed. The problems noted on Sherborn Lane were a direct result of the connection to the St. Charles Hills Subdivision. These problems included excessive traffic speeds and traffic volumes. It was determined that both problems could be reduced with the street closure.

The recommendation for the temporary closure of Sherborn Lane was discussed and approved by the City Council at their December 5, 2006 meeting at the request of City engineers who studied the issue and determined closure as the best alternative.

Letters were sent to City residents at 2965 Landau Court, 2961 Westerland Court, the police and fire departments, the post office, City street division, Councilman John Gieseke of Ward 8 as well as placed on the City’s website.

A message board was also placed on City right-of-way on January 11, 2007 advising of the closure.

Within the letter it was stated that the closure would remain in place for a trial period of six months. If after the trial period it was determined that the desired results were being achieved, the City would enact a permanent closure by removing a portion of the pavement and added aesthetic improvements.

Councilman John Gieseke told the First Capitol News, “This was in response to the neighborhood association’s request. The city staff studied the area and determined this was the best action to take. I met with members of the board over a year and half ago and stood and watched cars speeding by and kids playing in yards and knew this had to be fixed. I am happy the City staff came up with a solution. This is temporary for six months and we will see if it is accepted in the neighborhood. In six months a decision will be made to either remove the barricades completely or make them permanent depending on the will of the neighborhood. Anyone wanting to lodge an opinion for or against the closure are asked to call our public works department at 636 949-3200 or me at 636 9460-877

Residents along Pembroke have also contacted me to ask for a study of what the city can do to help control speeding along that street as well. It will be discussed at the next city traffic commission meeting in February.”