Saturday, December 02, 2006


In the past I have always tried to stay somewhat neutral in the politics of St. Charles. The recent filing date for Mayor of St. Charles has closed and there are three very distinct candidates.

Mayor Patti York has proven that vindictive politics takes a toll on the city. York actively campaigned against council members running for re-election, she and her family supported the re-call efforts on two sitting council members. She went as far to allow Glennon Jamboritz to use her building’s address when applying for a business license and then diverted City funds to fictitious businesses until it got to him.
Leadership is difficult, real leaders work with people not against them. Now she is trying to distance herself from the problems she has caused. My understanding is this paper is going to wrap up the year with top stories. My hope is the top story highlighted is the Mayor’s letter to the City of St. Louis regarding her support of Tommy Mayer the police officer who ordered the City Administrator on the ground at gunpoint. At the time the city was being sued by Sergeant Mayer, York told the police chief of the City of St. Louis Mayer was right and the city should loose.

Former Mayor Grace Nichols who is retired and acts as a fill in for Judges who miss work. Nichols’s claim to fame is that she is the Mayor who bought the “Goldenrod Showboat” to St. Charles. Nichols tenure also brought the “miniature museum” to Main Street. Keep in mind both these are no longer here and cost the city a tremendous amount of money.

Councilman John Gieseke, Ward 8. John has been the most outspoken when it comes to making sure the residents of St. Charles are placed first. John helped clean up York and Nichol’s messes. He voted to sell the miniature museum building to Tony’s on Main and lead the fight to rid the City’s taxpayers of having to support the failed Goldenrod. All in all he has proven to be one of the few to realize the city is a business not a personal pocket book for the rich and famous.

This isn’t an endorsement but this election is very important. You have to ask this very simple question, like a person or not, who has the drive to move this city forward. I know that I usually write about Main Street I do believe that the current direction hasn’t worked well; I believe the old ways of the Goldenrod and Miniature Museum didn’t work. It’s up to you to determine what direction you want this city to grow and go.