Friday, October 20, 2006

Area Casinos Bet Heavily On Influence Of Dempsey

Area Casinos Bet Heavily
On Influence Of Dempsey

Gambling Industry Donates over $32,775 To Dempsey’s Reelection

One of the many third party committees, controlled by Tom Smith, a State employee and political aide for State Representative Tom Dempsey, is the Republican 18th Legislative District Committee. The sole purpose of an 18th District Committee would seem to be to help Tom Dempsey in his reelection within the 18th.

The Missouri Gaming industry has contributed heavily to this committee. Their contributions this election cycle alone total $32,775. Here is a list of the checks and the dates they were given to this committee.

As Majority Floor Leader for the Republicans in the Missouri House, Representative Dempsey is in a position to greatly influence the course of all legislation. Attempts to raise the fees of the State’s casinos have failed. Money from casino fees is supposed to go to benefit Missouri’s public schools. Fees assessed against Missouri casinos are among the lowest in the country.

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Harrah’s Operating Company $2,500.00 10/29/2003
Penn National Gaming Inc. $2,500.00 2/7/2006
The Missouri Gaming Company $2,500.00 10/14/2003
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