Saturday, August 05, 2006


We are all headed to the polls soon to participate in the primary election. Even though you don’t have to register to vote by party in Missouri, you do have to express a party preference to take a ballot and vote. Unfortunately, we’ve seem some of our Republican primary election results tainted by Democrats (and others) taking Republican ballots since they really don’t have to worry about the outcome of their own party elections.

I think that this year’s results will be a bit anti-climactic, but my wife and I will be out there first thing in the morning on August 8th to cast our votes. A lot of neighbors and friends ask me who I’d vote for, so I thought I’d share my very own Voter’s Guide with you while you make decisions about the candidates and the issues.

We actually have a contested primary for United States Congress. Arguably, the system is so stacked in favor of the incumbent that it’s pointless for someone to challenge him or her. Congressman Todd Akin is facing primary opposition from State Representative Sherman Parker. Congressman Akin is one of the most conservative members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Really, his conservative credentials are absolutely impeccable. I fear he may be too conservative for our party, and I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Parker seems bright and energetic. He actually seems to have some decent ideas too. However, I’m not sure he really has a chance. That being said, I wonder what will happen if a significant number of Democrats will decide to pull Republican ballots and wreak havoc in our playground? I can certainly see where they would prefer Parker to Akin and want to affect such an outcome. Let’s keep an eye on how that will turn out.

The State Senate race will finally come to a head as well. County Councilman Joe Brazil, who turned out to be all talk, has not really mounted much of a challenge against incumbent Scott Rupp. Notwithstanding his RINO status, Brazil really hasn’t capitalized on his Democratic base to help him and his RINO supporters, MacNab and Pedersen, are actually terrible campaign staff. I think he will receive the trouncing he richly deserves and maybe the smart growth whackos will go find another county to bother.

That takes us to the County Council. There are actually 4 seats up for election, and I’ll concentrate on the two hotly contested seats. In District 1, where RINO Pedersen handed over the seat to the Democrats in April’s special election, Darrel Lackey is taking on Joe Cronin. Lackey is a well-respected alderman in Wentzville and a terrific choice for the County Council. Wentzville knows how to deal with growth, and Cronin’s complete inability to comprehend that sometimes you have to build things makes him a poor choice for the reality of County politics. Hopefully the voters are smart enough to see that. It always seems a shame that “growth” is the platform that will destroy the Republican party in St. Charles.

Over in District 3, the candidates are competing on their successful records of prior government experience. I think I’ll take them in reverse ballot order (and my order of preference). Nancy Matheny is a hometown St. Charles gal who served on our City Council. She would be a welcome breath of fresh air to the Council. She has familiarity with some of the issues that face municipalities and I think she will respect the interests of the voters in unincorporated St. Charles County too. She’s definitely my choice. Tom Ryan ran as a Democrat last time – enough said there. Patrick Barclay is sort of a St. Peters Alderman. I say “sort of” because he so rarely votes on any issues of significance that I think he should resign. Barclay abstains anytime anything is controversial, if his political handlers tell him to, or if it’s something that might create a “voting record.” He is a jittery fellow, scared of his own shadow, and he is such an ineffective elected official that he can’t even get a second for any of his crazy ideas. He governs by poll and freely will tell the residents that he will vote against any project if even one resident objects. He is bought and paid for by Adolphus and proudly wears that badge of honor. I understand that he also panders ceaselessly to the unhappy bunch of idiots who unsuccessfully attempted to takeover St. Peters City Hall led by Sandy Waters and Brandy Pedersen. The only politician in St. Charles County who panders more than Barclay is his colleague, Alderman Len Pagano. Barclay would be an unfortunate choice.

I’m really not sure what to do with the Sheriff’s race. I mean all these guys have law enforcement experience – I guess what we’re looking for in a Sheriff is management skills. Well, that will shake out where it will. I’m inclined to support one of the Sheriffs (Saulters or Neer) but I need to read up a bit more on their ideas and platforms.

The judges races are also fairly uneventful. Most are incumbents who will quietly retain their seats. Others may be more involved than that. The Gartner – Thornhill contest for the new bench (that was supposed to go to Gross designee Rick Zerr) will be interesting since they both have loss records – hey, at least one will be able to declare victory (for the first time) on election night.

Bob Schnur should win by a landslide for Collector – he has the experience and is the best kind of elected official who is thoughtful and responsive to constituents – best of luck to him.

Finally, last but definitely not least, please pay attention to the Republican Central Committee Races. Let’s send a message to the woman who has single-handily made a mockery of our party – I implore those of you in St. Peters Township to send Pathetic Brandy Pedersen (RINO) packing. She is running a slate of losers comprised of litigants against the city of St. Peters including Joan Gettemeyer (matriarch of St. Peters own “Clampett” clan) and Robert Armstrong (befuddled black helicopter guy). Who knows who else she has co-opted. Pay attention folks. If the rumor mill is accurate and Steve Ehlmann taps Chuck Gross to join the Administration, then the Central Committee will play a role in the “political checkers game” that will follow.

As always, I wish my readers the best and remind you to vote on August 8th, otherwise the Democrats will select our nominees for November, and that my dear readers, would not be good.