Saturday, June 17, 2006

THE PEOPLE SPEAK - Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I have lived and raised my family for over 45 years in this city. Never had time to watch the goings on at city hall when working every day to help make ends meet. Always thought things were being done right. Now we have citywide cable coverage of council meetings and can see and hear about things that we didn’t know about. Then we get a local paper, which I believe is the best thing that has happened in this city. Now we can even read about the antics of some people and even behind the scenes of some of them.

At the meeting of May 8 and work session of May 9, we have the gang of (5) (Weller, Kneemiller, Reese, Hoepfner, and Muench) upset about words like FRAUD, CORRUPTION & CRONYISM that they have heard about. Has any of this hit a nerve?

When you hear about the city losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on the sale of the old police station; signing of no bid, no council approval of Express Scripts Health Care contract; writing of a letter to help people who are suing the city; hooking up of developments who are outside the city limits, to our water/sewer lines and we are now spending $30 - $40 million to upgrade these lines and for new pumping stations; spending $800 - $900 million to run a water line over to the county to help more hook-up; person who votes “NO” on developers but when he gets plumbing permits and work done on his house, now votes “YES”; most of the group of 5 being involved in the recall efforts of (2) of the council members they don ‘t like; votes not to retain the attorney in the recall effort of Mr. Brown because they don’t want to be deposed; our “City” Attorney, Mayor and City Administrator” gives the developers every thing they want and the gang of (5) going along. We see new things coming up almost every day. Is it any wonder what people think? Why don’t you put everything on the table? Do your job that you were elected to do, which is to do what is best for the residents and the city and not for special interests, friends or personal gain.

Now we read about “Money Laundering or Smart Politics” series showing back door ways to defeat the limits on political contributions. I think these articles should be sent to the U.S. Attorney for possible investigation of Federal Law violations. Apparently, we have our own “K” Street Project at 320 Monroe Street. If there is truth to these articles, the FBI should investigate for Federal Election Laws violations.

When some people get so arrogant that they think they are above the law or only have to obey the ones that they want to, then it is time for the silent majority to rise up.

Walter Dietz

Dear Mr. Brockmeyer,

Many thanks for your efforts to look into the apparent GOP money laundering scheme that is taking place in St. Charles. This seems to be an obvious violation of at least the spirit of MO campaign finance laws.

Enclosed please find the Jan 15, 2006 Campaign Finance Report submitted by State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. As you will see, Treasurer Steelman garnered $87,500 from these Committees. I think the citizens of Missouri are entitled to know who is giving $87,500 from these Committees to the Treasurer and what they might be expecting to receive in return.

Best Wishes,

A Concerned Citizen