Saturday, May 06, 2006


The Mayor does it again.

If you have an opportunity to watch a replay of the Council meeting Tuesday evening don’t miss the spot where a concerned citizen, Vince Williams, asked about redevelopment of the I-70-West Clay exchange. He said that a developer had been in contact with them about it. The Mayor gave an amazing performance. At first she made it appear that she was not sure where that area was located and then suddenly a light went off and she remembered where it was. “Straightening the road there? Engineering study?” she asked. “Straightening the road, different developers have looked at that area to see if there would be interest in developing that but we don’t have anything on paper. Not tangible or ready to go or anything like that or we would certainly talk to everybody.” The First Capitol News is aware Pace Properties is planning on redeveloping the area bordered by First Capitol, West Clay from the water tower to Walgreen’s and Interstate 70. They have held meetings with the Mayor, yes the Mayor and some Council member. Pace has acquired some of the property and have produced detailed drawings showing the redevelopment project. It is based on Droste Road being put through to Boone’s Lick. Although eminent domain has not been brought up they have not yet acquired all the properties they need to complete the project. Maybe that refreshes your memory Mayor or was it your intention to lie?

Do you know where your child is drag racing this weekend?

On Saturday, April 22 at approximately 11 pm St. Charles Police Officer Stanczak was able to stop and curb two drag racers in the Elm Street, Fountain Lakes area. The 18-year-old drivers were clocked by the police at 110 miles per hour. They were both arrested and their vehicles were towed.

The St. Charles police also wrote other drivers tickets for excessive acceleration. Officer Witterholt also arrested and towed a drag racer on Saturday, April 23 at 12:40 am in the 3600 block of Truman.

Drag racing in these areas is becoming a problem and the St. Charles Police are cracking down. If you have a young driver out with a vehicle you may want to caution them about drag racing or excessive acceleration before your phone rings some evening telling you your child has been arrested and the vehicle towed.

Kneemiller new Council President

Prior to the start of the City Council meeting Tuesday evening Council President Rory Riddler announced he had been told that even before the opening of the meeting and even before the Pledge of Allegiance it would be necessary to hold the election for Council President and Vice President. Kneemiller, Hoepfner, Reese, Weller and Muench voted for Kneemiller and Riddler, Brown and Greer voted for Riddler. Koester was late for the meeting and Gieseke was out of town on business. Riddler started to move on and was stopped by City Attorney Mike Valenti who told him that it only took five votes to elect the president according to the ordinance. At previous meetings Valenti had advised the Council it would take a majority of the elected officials to elect the president, that being six members. A vote was then taken for Vice President and the same five voted for Reese. Kneemiller then took the President’s chair. No one has been able to produce an ordinance backing up Valenti’s statement. The opinion from an attorney is only that, an opinion. It has no legal standing until upheld by a Court of law. I expect more on this to come up later.