Saturday, May 20, 2006

Police Quell Brawl Involving Over 50 People On South Main

Police Quell Brawl Involving Over 50 People On South Main

By Tony Brockmeyer

At approximately 1:50 AM on Saturday morning St. Charles Police were called to 338 South Main Street for a fight in progress. Prior to their arrival they were notified that the fight had spilled over into the alley and City parking lot in back of that address and many individuals were involved. Officers arrived to find a large group of people fighting. Assistance was needed to bring the unruly crowd under control.

According to neighbors, who called the police, a large group of young people had gathered at the home of the Mayor’s daughter for a party. The Mayor and her husband own the building at 338/340 South Main Street. They had operated it as a bed and breakfast but have converted the building to retail space and an apartment for their daughter. The neighbors said that it took about a dozen police officers and police dogs to bring the fight to a halt. The neighbors said it appeared baseball bats were being used by some of the participants in the fight.

St. Charles police report that three male subjects were taken into custody and another, a female subject, was issued a summons. The charges range from interfering with a police officer to resisting arrest to being involved in a fray. The police told the First Capitol News those involved in the brawl ranged in age from 20 to 25. Police reported that they had to enter the residence to remove and arrest one of the instigators of the brawl.

According to a police spokesperson a taser was used on one of the male subjects who refused to cooperate. Prongs were not shot into the individual. The taser was held against his body and according to the spokesperson the electric shock he received would feel like a punch to his body. He was taken to the ground, handcuffed and removed from the scene.

Editor’s note… This is also the address that Glennon Jamboretz, confidant to the Mayor and active in recall efforts of Councilwoman Dottie Greer and Councilman Mark Brown, listed as his business address for a St. Charles City business license. This was the address he was using when the First Capitol News uncovered taxpayer money being authorized by the Mayor and directed to fictitious named companies with the money eventually going to Jamboretz. Jamboretz and Ken Kielty then loaned funds to the Citizens Empowerment Committee that used them for the recall efforts against Brown and Greer. See First Capitol News archives on the web at,, Mayor Caught – Taxpayers Out $15,475, October 22, 2005.